eTray™ Laptop Trays – the Ultimate Personalised Gift

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Looking for the ultimate personalised gift?

Why not get us to print your favourite digital photograph on to an eTray™ laptop tray?

We will do it for no extra charge, and we even throw in free cropping and first stage Photoshop processing to make sure the print is as bright and sharp as it can be.

And of course we are not limited to digital photographs. We can print any kind of digital artwork including cartoons, company logos, line drawings, or scanned images.

Custom eTray™ designs are printed using the same high quality inkjet printing process that we use for our own eTray designs. We use archival grade inks and paper and then protect the image behind a tough vinyl laminate – textured so you can use the tray with a mouse without having to add a mouse mat.

You can order a personalized lap tray in either of the two eTray sizes and they all come with the standard features of a regular eTray, which makes them perfect for use with a laptop computer.

Interested? Here’s what to do:

  • First choose the photograph or graphic that you want to use for your eTray pattern.
  • Order from the Amazon store using the link below:

  • Complete the purchase through the checkout stage. We will send a confirmation email with instructions.
  • Reply to that email and attach the picture file to the message (for files up to 5MB – if you have a file that is larger than this see the FAQ list). Be sure to include any special instructions you may have in your email message.
  • As soon as we receive the file we will process the order - it will usually be ready to post within two to three days.

If you have any questions or need some information about the technical side of this then please have a look at our Personalised eTray - Frequently Asked Questions list.